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  • Suzanne - You guys always do a great job for us. Thanks! - Matt M.
  • We are very pleased with the customer service we receive from your company! - Erin F. 
  • Thank you [Pat] for the quick response and helpful information. - Doug Y.
  • Thank you for the excellent service. - J. Archer
  • It is great to work with Equitech! - Tamara S.
  • I appreciate Suzanne Granahan (Customer Service) making the ordering process so smooth. - Xianzhu W
  • I really appreciate the way Fred Wright responded so quickly to my e-mail. It really helps to have such a dedicated team with which to work." – Beverly O.
  • Great products...[ I use ] your goat anti mouse antisera and normal mouse sera. – Dr. Keisler
  • This lot (SFBM) is so popular with our customers...does well with our sales! – Emi H.
  • "Always fresh. Fast and secure delivery." Nathan B.
  • "Excellent communication with representative." Honshang B.
  • "I have found Equitech-Bio to be an excellent source of blocking proteins, secondary antibodies, etc. In addition they can provide clinical specimens which, as you know, can be difficult to obtain. Equitech-Bio is an excellent resource for anyone looking into developing lateral flow (or other types) of immunoassays." - Michael F. , Staff Scientist
  • "On behalf of my team, we would like to thank you all for your exceptional customer service and great products that you provided in the years past and forward." - Dennis I., Production Planner


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About Equitech Bio

USDA LOGOFor 22 years Equitech-Bio, Inc. has been a dynamic leader and preferred OEM supplier of biologicals for biopharmaceutical research labs, diagnostic and academic institutions worldwide. We are a mission-driven company that aims to set the standards of excellence for the biotech industry. We are a business in which high standards permeate all aspects of our company.

Equitech-Bio's goal is to provide the highest quality animal and human serums, plasmas, purified proteins and antisera in the market at a competitive price. Our line of albumins, gamma globulins and IgG are known as some in the best in the world for their quality and purity.

Our motto - Quality is a State of Mind - emphasizes that our vision reaches far beyond just being a biotech supplier. Our success in fulfilling our vision is undoubtedly measured by customer satisfaction, Team Member excellence and local and larger community support. See the Equitech Bio video below.

About Equitech Enterprises, Inc.

Equitech Enterprises is our sister company and its goal and mission is to be recognized as a leading supplier of quality human blood, human blood components, and biological fluids to the research industry. To achieve this goal, it is our policy to set and achieve quality standards that allow us to provide exceptional material that is specific to your needs. The EEI Blood Donation Center is FDA Approved and IRB Certified. See the Equitech Enterprises Inc. video below.



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