GS05 — Non-Sterile Goat Serum

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Non-Sterile Goat Serum

Our Non-Sterile Donor Goat Serum (DSG) is collected locally from healthy donor goats in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. This allows us to collect and process the Serum within 24 hours and produce the highest quality and purity on the market.

We are the leading manufacturer of animal Sera.

Country of origin: USA
Technical Data SheetGS05


This is a custom ordered product.  Price and lead time vary widely.  Please contact for quotes.

Shipping Method

  1. Ambient temperature (no ice)
  2. Dry Ice  to keep the product frozen
  3. Blue Ice (packs) to keep product cool

FedEx Standard Overnight, Priority Overnight, 2-Day, and Ground

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