BAH68 -- Diagnostic Grade Heat Shock Bovine Serum Albumin Powder

BAH68 -- Diagnostic Grade Heat Shock Bovine Serum Albumin Powder

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Diagnostic Grade Heat Shock Bovine Serum Albumin Powder

Heat Shocked Bovine Serum Albumin powdered uses a process of heat and pH adjustments to purify the product. If you don’t require a powder version, we also have 30% BSA solutions of the highest quality.
Don’t fall for products of lesser quality that cost more. We are a proud Texas manufacture of animal and human biologicals.
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Technical Data Sheet: BAH68

Diagnostic Grade BSA Powder

Method of purification: Product is manufactured from USDA-certified US origin Bovine  Plasma  by a modified, proprietary heat-shock method to inactivate proteases. The product is further processed to remove lipids and other plasma proteins by a non-solvent procedure.
Advantages: This Diagnostic Grade powder is designed to minimize analytes that causes background interference and those that cause inhibition in cell culture systems. The product contains low or non-detectable levels of endotoxin, bioburden and Bovine  IgG .
Uses: This can be used as a protein standard, diluent, conjugate or enzyme stabilizer.   It is also used for high-sensitivity immunoassays, cell culture and hybridization studies.
Stability and storage: This BSA is stable for ≥ 5 years when stored at + 5° C +/- 3°C in sealed dry containers. 

  • Appearance:----------------------------Lyophilized powder
  • Color:-------------------------------------Off-white to tan
  • Moisture:---------------------------------≤ 5.0%
  • Ash:---------------------------------------≤ 3.0%
  • pH:----------------------------------------6.5 – 7.5
  • Heavy Metals:--------------------------≤ 20 ppm
  • Albumin :---------------------------------≥ 98.0%
  • Protein:----------------------------------≥ 98.0%
  • IgG :---------------------------------------not detected
  • Protease:--------------------------------not detected
  • Endotoxin:------------------------------≤ 3.0 EU/mg

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