HPCPD07 – Human CPDA Plasma, Pooled, Unfiltered, STD -ve

Human CPDA Plasma, Pooled, Unfiltered, Screened STD-ve

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Human CPDA Plasma, mixed gender, pooled, unfiltered.  Screened STD-ve


Availability may vary. For further information contact humansales@equitech-bio.com

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  1. Standard: FedEx Standard Overnight

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Store long term unopened, frozen at -20deg +/- 5de.C.   Store thawed material refrigerated at 5deg, +/-3deg C.  Use thawed material within 7 calendar days.  Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles.  May see cryoprecipitates fall out of solution after thawing, which can be removed by filtration without effect on performance


Available in 100mL, 500mL, 1000mL sizes

For any further questions, you may have, please contact humansales@equitech-bio.com


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