Custom Antibodies

Equitech-Bio offers a decade of experience in the production of polyclonal antibodies for the discriminating user. Our quality polyclonal antibodies are the reference standard for most major diagnostic manufacturers and research professionals alike. With carefully controlled donor herds and rigorous serum processing techniques, Equitech-Bio can offer high titer, high quality preparations.


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This plan is designed for the researcher who needs bulk quantities of antisera. Costs are dependent on the quantity of antisera and quality specifications dictated by the researcher. Equitech-Bio has the capability to provide multi-liter pools in rabbit, goat and horse. For details, contact us.



All antigens are to be supplied by the customer and are injected without further purification. Equitech-Bio cannot accept antigens that are carcinogenic, pathogenic, or toxic. Prices quoted include up to four immunizations, pre-immunization bleeding, and up to two sample bleedings per month per animal. Animals are typically bled every two weeks to give an approximate yield of 500-700ml per goat per month. All preparations are for research or further manufacturing use only. They are not intended for any human or animal therapeutic use. Variations on immunization and bleeding schedule may result in price changes. Equitech-Bio requires a seven day advance notification of any schedule changes. A monthly maintenance fee may be required for animal additions or subtractions. Animals replaced at the customer