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Fred Wright, Equitech-Bio’s Vice President was recently presented with an award for his 25 years of sterling service to the Company. He wishes to shed more light on the origins of our Company.

Originally our Company, known as Equitech of Georgia, was in Junction, Texas. Cooperative research with the CDC determined that goat serum collected from donor Angora goat muttons, common to the Texas Hill Country at that time, was the serum of choice to use in certain diagnostic test kits for human disease conditions. Abbott Laboratories used this information to produce diagnostic kits for Hepatitis C, HIV, and the male Prostate Screening Assay. In the mid-1980s the Company relocated from Junction to Ingram, Texas. In 1988 the current owner invested in the company and in 1991 he assumed full control. This all happened after I started working for the Company that same year. The name was changed to Equitech-Bio, Inc. and we have never looked back.

We started with just 9 employees, but we soon realized that we could not survive by just manufacturing one product. The serum products were expanded to include other domestic sera and then exotic sera, such as rat, mouse guinea pig, etc. Later we expanded into purified proteins such as albumins, gamma globulins and IgG. We have now become one of the major producers of Bovine Serum Albumin. Our IgG is known as some of the best in the world for quality and purity.

We moved into producing antisera either ‘off the shelf’ or custom productions. Our antisera are produced at our Equitech Ranch in Ohio. We became approved by the USDA at our facility and that approval allows us to ship our products to the EEC. In 2014 we became ISO 9001:2008 certified which means we have a quality management system that ensures consistent quality control and traceability of our products from the animal to the finished product. We are not required to be FDA Approved as our products are not intended for direct or therapeutic use for humans (In Vivo). Our products are, however, used in diagnostic test kits to help diagnose human health problems by most major diagnostic companies. Some of our IgG products, mouse IgG, is utilized in pregnancy and fertility test kits.

For a small company, we have a large reach and, from those nine employees in 1991, including myself, we now employ up to forty men and women. Our President and CEO is a service disabled American veteran and we try as much as we can to employ veterans, and disabled veterans. In 2013 our CEO started another Company, Equitech Enterprises, Inc., that is FDA registered as a collection center and a processing lab. This Company has grown as the demand for Human Sera and Plasma for research purposes has increased. We pride ourselves on our high quality staff at both Equitech-Bio and Equitech Enterprises and our resulting high quality products.

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