Equitech-Bio’s fetal bovine serum (FBS) is collected using cardiac puncture. All donor sera are collected from standing herds of U.S. origin. All donor animals are under direct USDA approved veterinary care, with worming histories carefully documented. To ensure lot-to-lot consistency, all sera are assayed for basic chemical constituents. All serum collection is aseptic and rigorously controlled along industry guidelines.


Blood collected for Equitech-Bio is allowed to clot thoroughly at refrigeration temperatures. Serum is then separated from the clot and chilled further in an ice bath to minimize microbial activity to prevent lysis. All sera are then centrifuged to remove particulate matter. Sera are allowed no more than a single freeze-thaw cycle during processing. Only after passing rigorous quality control specifications is serum approved for production. All serum is processed in our facility which operates to the same standards as cGMP. All serum processing is documented in batch production records. No clotting factors, anticoagulants, or additives adulterate the raw material.


Equitech-Bio filters each lot aseptically with validated sterile 0.2 micron or 0.1 micron pore size filters, All filling is performed aseptically under laminar flow hoods in a HEPA-filtered and temperature-controlled environment. All sera and plasma can be supplied raw, non-sterile-filtered or sterile-filtered. Please inquire for additional information

Quality Assurance

Each serum lot is statistically sampled by our Quality Control department and subjected to routine testing to ensure Equitech-Bio’s high quality and consistency. If you require special testing, we will be happy to accommodate you.


All products are for research use only. Equitech-Bio has not qualified any products for any human or animal therapeutic use.

Reserve Testing

Equitech-Bio will provide you with a free sample of serum through our reserve testing program. Equitech-Bio normally requests that you reserve a minimum of 50 x 100 ml, or 12 x 500 ml. If a smaller amount is required, please contact us. We will reserve a lot for four (4) weeks. If your tests require additional time, simply contact us.

Animal Blood and Plasma

Equitech-Bio offers whole blood and plasma from most animal species by special request. Blood and plasma can be supplied raw, defibrinated and citrated in a variety of custom concentrations as specified by the supplier. Anticoagulants available include sodium citrate, heparin, EDTA and others.

Fetal Bovine Serum Specifications

Ideal for those who seek an uncompromising quality FBS at a reasonable price. The choice of researchers, vaccine manufacturers and protein engineers. Excellent for tissue culture and ELISA and other immunoassays as a protein blocker or diluent.

 Finest quality available on the market

 Triple 0.1 micron sterile-filtered

 Adventitious virus tested

 Storage Conditions:-20°C ± 5°C

 Heat-inactivation is available if desired

 Physiochemical constituents measured to ensure lot-to-lot consistency

 Growth performance tested

 (9CFR113.26) – not standard, ordered by request


 Osmolality:——————– 280-340 mOsm/kg————————- Osmometer

 Total Protein:—————– 3.0-4.5 g/dl———————————– Refractometer

 Sterility test:——————- negative————————————– USP26-2003

 Mycoplasma:——————negative—————————————Cell Culture

 Cytotoxicity test:————–negative—————————————Cell Culture

 pH: ——————————7.0-8.0—————————————– pH Meter

 Hemoglobin level: ———–≤ 20 mg/dl———————————- Spectrophotometric

 Appearance: Clear amber liquid——————————————- Visual Inspection

 Endotoxin level: ————–≤ 10 EU/ml————————————LAL